Too often a great idea - or even a great company - lacks the operating cash to achieve its financial potential. Oftentimes banks will look at a company's cash flow and balance sheet strengths to determine whether it will approve a loan. Preferred, on the other hand, allows clientele to borrow based on collateral, while taking into consideration ratios similar to those a traditional bank calculates.

By securing its clients' assets (accounts receivable, inventory, machinery & equipment, etc.) and determined the borrowing availability, Preferred uses asset-based finance to get companies the working capital they need to prosper: allowing your money to work harder and smarter.

 Preferred's success has been with companies seeking financial solutions for:

  • Working Capital

  • Growth Capital

  • Mergers/Acquisitions

  • Leveraged Buyouts

  • Re-capitalization

  • Debt Consolidations

  • Turnarounds

  • Bankruptcy/Reorganizations


Our personalized loan structuring and relational approach to finance has empowered our clients to:

  • Experience periods of growth

  • Overcome counter-cyclical demands of the economy

  • Take advantage of cash and volume discounts

  • Build up inventory

  • Pursue larger bids and contracts

 Accounts receivable financing is an effective tool our clients use to ease their cash flow needs. Preferred can facilitate additional funding through inventory and equipment loans.